The Ultimate Mom-Job

Originally posted on 1/8/2010

As a mother of two young children, freelance writing really is a solid gig. I don't sit in a cubicle, no one checks the clock on me, and I often work in my pj's. I could easily be fully booked as the CEO, CFO and Social Secretary for The Stoller Household Corporation. But having worked in the corporate world long enough to be excited when I get my hands on a Crain's, I know that just staying home isn't enough. I need to talk to other adults about subjects other than diapers and the adorable things my kids say and do. I like the formality of a business meeting and working on a virtual team. And, most of all, I love to write. Helping a client who can't describe his business, let alone come up with the words for a web profile is a cool challenge. Finding another way to say "great" without using the words "very" or "good" is fun. I am one of those people who can say that my life and my work are both rewarding, in different ways, of course. Does that mean that there's a rainbow over my house? Nope. Is my life perfect? Not even close. Balancing work and home life is my biggest challenge and another good idea for a blog entry. But I can say that I do have the ultimate mom-job.